At Robins Nursery our Preschool welcomes children from approximately three to four years old.

Our Preschool is designed to encourage children to take more responsibility for themselves and their environment. With structured group sessions, as well as opportunities for free play, children learn new skills through the Foundation Phase Curriculum.

We help prepare each child for their transition to school by providing key group activities that encourage interaction, as well as tasks that require independent thinking, mark making, problem solving and investigating.


Children in Robins Preschool enjoy a variety of activities including free play, circle time, role-play, music and movement, sand and water, arts and crafts and ICT.

Children enjoy regular outings to develop their curiosity and sense of adventure. These include trips to local parks, forests, farms and Barry Island beach.

Robins Nursery offers a wide curriculum and children get a choice of extra activities including swimming, dance, sport, French and music lessons.


Robins Nursery has a large garden overlooking beautiful countryside and Chepstow Racecourse. We encourage an interest in nature with herbs, flowering plants, bird tables and insect hotels. We offer plenty of outdoor learning that allows our children to extend on life skills. They even get to toast marshmallows on an open fire during Forest School sessions.

St John’s on-the-Hill

As part of the Dean Close Foundation, the nursery is able to share the excellent resources of its co-educational school, St John’s on-the-Hill, in Chepstow. This includes the dedicated sports hall, indoor swimming pool, professional stage and beautiful school grounds. Robins Nursery makes use of the grounds for adventure days and events, such as Christmas Concerts and Sports Days. We invite parents to watch performances and to celebrate their children’s achievements.


We use elements of the Welsh language through a variety of instructions and phrases and we encourage all of our children to use Welsh throughout the nursery.

Parent Information

Parents of the preschool children are always welcome to speak to our staff. We pride ourselves on good communication with parents. We provide a daily sheet so parents know what their child has got up to that day. We also provide information about the weekly learning topics so parents can continue their child’s learning at home.

All children have an online learning journal where we capture all that your child is achieving and learning.

More structured communication occurs at our parents’ evenings which allow us to get together for an informal chat. These are especially important in Preschool as they give us the opportunity to discuss the transition to Primary School. We build strong links with Primary Schools to ensure that the transition from nursery to school goes smoothly.